About Us

All of our animals were born in captivity. None of them were obtained from the wild. Some of the animals came from bad circumstances, such as the owner were not able to properly care for them. We took them in to give them a good home, provide for all their needs, and ensure their health. Also, many people raise captive wildlife to make sure that a species does not go extinct due to the conditions of the wild. By having captive wildlife, we are able to provide them with an environment in which they can survive and prosper. Some species would be totally extinct if not for people like us willing to raise them and provide them with the things they need to thrive. Experts have learned a lot about what certain animals need to survive in the wild, such as proper habitat needs and food sources from captive animals. We have been able to learn about the breeding processes and lifestyles of wildlife raised in captivity to guarantee that these wonderful animals will be around for generations to come.

At Tic Tac Farm we specialize in high quality, professional animal services including educational and recreational animal programs, nativity and Easter scenes, parties, carnivals, fund raisers, and more, on your site. Over the years I have always had a love for animals and managed to obtain a unique collection of exotic and domestic livestock. After obtaining the collection and seeing the enjoyment gained from it, I decided to offer them to the public in a complete mobile environment for their enjoyment through petting zoos and programs. As the diversity and number of livestock grew, so did the business. We now offer animals for all the events listed above and have access to almost any type of animal desired for your event and contacts with individuals who can provide all of the specialty equine events that are not offered through us. We make every effort possible to provide an atmosphere that is enjoyable for the customer and the animals. Our animals have amazed thousands at indoor church programs and thrilled children and adults of all ages in our petting zoos. Everyone at Tic Tac Farm is proud to put forth his or her best effort to assure a safe and fun experience at every event. We also take pride in keeping our animals and their areas safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. Adequate number of personnel and high quality livestock assure that every event is successful. We are a licensed exhibitor by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which assures to our customers that our animals are under the best of health and care possible and that we conduct our business in a safe manner. Tic Tac Farm is a family operation where everyone in the family pitches in from hand raising the animals to setting up at events. By being a family business, we can offer big business quality with the hometown values you expect. We would love to be a part of your event and be partners in making it a success!!!